Edina Meeting Info


Edina Members: To see the schedule and edit your availability, Log in into Google (using whatever username and password you normally log into Google with) and then go to the Google Spreadsheet here

Changes for inline schedule are in progress. Please use link above.


7:40 – 7:50 Business Meeting (10 minutes)

  • Sergeant at Arms starts the meeting and invites Club’s
  • Club’s President welcomes club to read pledge of allegiance
    and invites Invocation/Timer to say meeting invocation.

    • Welcomes guests
  • Club conducts Business Meeting (Presiding Officers Present)
    (10-15 minutes, if needed)

    • Reading of the minutes from last meeting
    • Old business
    • New business
    • Announcements
  • Club’s President welcomes Toastmaster

7:50 – 7:55 Toastmaster (5 minutes)

  • Welcomes members and guests; explains his role
  • The Toastmaster introduces Key meeting participants and asks
    them to explain their duties

    • Court Jester
    • Invocation/Timer
    • Grammarian
    • One Minute Toastmaster
    • Table Topic Master

7:55 – 8:15 Table Topics Master (10 – 20 minutes)

  • Gives topic of the day and call on people to speak
  • Turn meeting back over to Toastmaster

8:15 – 8:20 Break. Toastmaster announces break for 5 minutes

  • General Evaluator pairs speakers and evaluators

8:20 – 8:50  Toastmaster starts ‘speaking’ part of the
meeting (30 minutes)

  • Introduces Speaker 1 (5-7 minutes)
  • Introduces Speaker 2 (5-7 minutes)
  • Introduces Speaker 3 (5-7 minutes)
  • Welcomes General Evaluator to conduct evaluation part of the

8:50 – 8:55 General Evaluator conducts meeting
evaluation (15 minutes)

  • Conducts voting for the Best Speaker
  • Calls for evaluations – one by one calls evaluators to
  • Conducts voting for the Best Evaluator
  • Calls for reports:
    • Timer
    • Grammarian awards “Word Picture of the Day” award.
      The award is for best visual expression during any speech given at the meeting.
      Currently big pencil.
    • Calls Table Topic Master to award the Best Table
      Topic Speech. Currently “Wise owl”.
  • Awards “The Best Visual Effect” award. The award
    goes for the best visual presentation or picture.
  • Awards Best Evaluator award. Currently
  • Awards Best Speaker award
  • Overall meeting evaluation.
  • Welcomes back Toastmaster

8:55 – 8:58 Toastmaster finalizes the meeting (3

  • Awards “Spark Plug”. The award goes to a
    member who was the most igniting or energizing during the meeting.
  • Awards “Fuzzy Mouse” awards.  “Fuzzy
    Mouse” purpose is to be awarded for the best explanation of complex
    technical topic or idea in the most elegant, simple and understandable way.
  • Closing comments (2 minutes)
  • Welcomes Presiding Officers

8:58 – 9:00 Presiding Officer last minute updates (Is
schedule complete for the next 2 meetings) (2-5 minutes)

  • Invocation/Timer – closing thought of the meeting.
  • Adjourn

Each week, meeting roles rotate so that, over time, every chapter member gains
experience in each of these roles.