The new member mentoring program at TechMasters has one
objective: to help new members rapidly get up to speed in the various weekly
roles at TechMasters. 

This objective is founded in the belief that:

  • Success breeds success.  Helping the new member
    score some early ‘wins’ in their roles helps develop confidence.  This increases the members comfort level,helping them to relax and deliver better presentations.  Early success leads to a virtuous cycle ofcontinued success.
  • People are creatures of habit.Developing good TechMaster habits early and having them reinforced by the mentor helps to ‘anchor’ the good habits.  Good habits lead to strong members and great presentations.
  • The secret of TechMasters is the prepare-perform-evaluate cycle. Mentors provide preparation assistance and an additional evaluation for their mentee, facilitating mentee growth and rapid

The new member mentoring program pairs up a new member with
a seasoned TechMaster for 3 months.  The
VP/Education is responsible for the mentoring program.  Anyone who has been in TechMasters for at
least 6 months may volunteer to be a mentor.

Mentoring is not limited to new members.  Any member may request mentoring at any
time. Typically, seasoned member mentoring is focused on a particular area of expertise (i.e. ‘live coding
demos’) or a particular area where the member is ‘stuck’.  Seasoned member mentoring can be more fluid
that the 3-month program for new members. 
See the VP/Education for more information on senior member mentoring.