What is TechMasters?

We’re a group of tech types who realize that adding soft skills to our technical talents makes us more effective in our careers, businesses and the rest of our lives. We’re a Chartered Affiliate of Toastmasters, International, a worldwide organization dedicated to helping its members improve their communication skills.

If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area and you are a…

  • Developer
  • Recruiter
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Security Expert
  • Technical Sales professional

…or if you just have a passion for technology you owe it to yourself to check out TechMasters. Do you geek out over things like the latest development tools or restoring old arcade machines? We do too. And we’d love to hear what YOU have to share.

EGG captured by TechMasters Feb 6

The TechMasters Club captured the Elusive Gilded Gavel from Crest Toastmasters Club on Feb 6, 2016. TechMasters Club meets every Tuesday morning of the month 7:30 AM at ILM's offices.

Sharon Rollefson, Don Rollefson

Action at the Crest Toastmasters Club! Tug-a-war for the Elusive Gilded Gavel

Vince Bullinger, Brette Esterbrooks and Mike Benkovich from the Twin Cities TechMasters Club were at the Crest Toastmasters meeting, and decided to capture the EGG. Fortunately there were no other clubs represented by more than 3 members at the event which enabled the TechMasters to capture the EGG from the Crest Toastmasters Club.

* See: The Gavel Explained for a description, the capture rules and the form to submit your Capture Story. and The Gavel Travels for the history of club hosting. EGG FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about the EGG toss as well as club hosting metrics.

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Edina Meeting:

Every Tuesday Morning from 7:40-9:00AM at Improving's office at Northland Center II

3600 American Blvd, #115

Bloomington MN 55431

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